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The false self cannot conceive of LIFE taking care of everything. It believes something must be done, effort must be exerted, agendas, activities, actions, plans, schemes must be exercised so that results will ensue, and it will be cared for … and hopefully it will thrive and enjoy itself and have wonderful experiences. This is the lament of the personal identity which is due to its belief that it is basically alone, a victim of circumstances in a dog-eat-dog world.

And yet in the Stillness of your True Reality EVERYTHING is handled Perfectly if this personal ‘you’ stays out of the way. This ‘is’ occurring anyway but the false self produces endless detours through its interference, always laden with struggle, pain, frustration and the feeling that is has ‘some’ degree of control … it has NONE, no control over anything whatsoever because, “of itself it is nothing”. There is no need at all to tell the God-SELF what you ‘think’ you need or ‘how’ to provide it for you.

Whatever is Perfect for your highest good [which is always and only your return HOME], is happening with every breath and there ‘is’ nothing you can do to interfere with this. Rest in this ‘knowing’ and watch LIFE perform what you may now think of as miracles and yet … are normal.

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