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The concept of evolution seems completely reasonable with time sensitive evidence existing throughout the planet. Spiritual evolution also ‘seems’ totally logical, especially to those who have spent years and decades pursuing Truth through a variety of the many ways and means available throughout antiquity. The words from a well known song: “I once was blind but now I see …” seems to offer proof of this evolution from ignorance to Awakening for many, however until one lives in un-broken, seamless Awareness of the God They Are - the SELF, they are still being molested by the ‘conditioning’ that manifested the body-mind-identity called a ‘person’ that most believe is real.

As a result the dream is still accepted as a place where growth ‘from’ one state ‘to’ another occurs and this keeps Attention focused ‘on’ the dream, which through the nature of Attention … continues to persist.

Nevertheless, nothing in the dream is real … YOU are now and have always been God - the SELF, ‘un-changable’. Only fully Awakening ‘from’ the dream [beyond a mental concept] returns this Awareness to the slumbering God-SELF. The desolation of all conditioning brings this about.

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