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Self Realization is not a ‘future event’ that can be somehow ‘qualified’ for or ‘worked’ for. It is an ever-Present Reality. It is Who You Are beyond time and space or circumstances of any kind. Additionally, IT is everywhere – All That Is – boundless. Because the Grand Dream appears so pervasive and solid the mind sees the concept of the SELF or God or ONE as something ‘out there’ or ‘up there’ somewhere … maybe. This makes IT something to be sought after and because IT seems invisible, to the mind IT must be very illusive.

From that very common assumption it seems a reasonable idea that ‘achieving’ IT is unattainable without special means such as extensive learning and wise intermediaries combined with disciplines and practices. And yet, the Real YOU hasn’t gone anywhere [since there ‘is’ nowhere to go] … your Awareness has simply been diverted toward an illusion that acts like a blindfold. When you really ‘get’ this and say YES to it … initially, after lifetimes of deep suffering and then more quickly through your OPEN-NESS, the bandages wrapping around your True Vision are unravelled and the Light Expands … IT doesn’t get ‘bigger’ – rather, your Awareness of ITs unchanging and eternal Reality simply becomes more apparent.

Your YES to ‘What Is’ accelerates this Expansion until the illusion no longer obscures the Real YOU, which has always been there. This can arise very quickly as the Shift humanity is now experiencing grows in intensity.

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