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Where you place your Attention determines what your experience will be in the dream-world most call reality. This attention flows through ‘comfortable channels’ [habits] called desires … the greater the desire, the greater is the groove of the channel. These channels are carved both from intense desires as well as from the conditioning of attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory (past) and imagination (future). And conditioning ‘taints’ the outcome of ALL experiences manifested by these desires and your attention ‘on’ them. This is why it is not possible to ever be ‘satisfied’ or ‘fulfilled’ for any length of clock time.

This same innate faculty is the way-less way your Awareness of Truth ‘expands’. ‘You’ don’t become so-called enlightened … you, the body-mind-identity, which is an illusion manifested ‘also’ out of conditioning, disappears and this ‘reveals’ the ONE SELF YOU Are. When your Attention is focused like a laser beam ‘on’ the ONE SELF, whatever seems to block the ever-Present existence of IT, rises up to be dissolved.


“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

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