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There is a very strong urge for most, when the story/drama within the Grand Dream becomes heated, to join in the the fray while spraying high emotions everywhere as conditioning is triggered again and again. And this is precisely where the majority are NOW, caught up in the swirling cauldron of passions gone crazy. The results usually exacerbate the chaos, conflict and confusion, which is the dream’s normal state.

For those who have chosen Freedom NO MATTER WHAT this urge is often just as compelling since they have opened pandora’s box by saying YES to What Is and conditioning explodes onto their unique world stage. It is in these moments when enormous desolation of conditioning can occur ‘if’ they remain ‘in the eye of the storm’ as witnesses in the audience of the unfolding world play.

It is a moment to be extra vigilant as these ‘special’ opportunities arise where lifetimes of conditioning can dissolve in hours and days. May the Light of Truth expose these opportunities to you and expand your endurance while you ‘stand in the fire of who you are not’ as it becomes even hotter.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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