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Until the ‘impermanent’ is NOT enough … you will continue to seek it and be satisfied for a moment, then turn and look for the next shining object of experience. The collective false self fosters this transient existence by encouraging the search for another and another and another dream to create … “The Big Dream”, “Follow Your Dreams”, “Your Dream Life”. This seems ‘normal’ and most follow this illusory guidance trying desperately to make their ‘dream-life’ more comfortable and cozy.

Much of the spiritual community has the same objective masking practices and disciplines with the label of ‘hoped-for’ enlightenment. The True pathless-path to Freedom is rarely cozy, often solitary and frequently very uncomfortable as ‘who you are NOT’ is witnessed, faced and dissolved. Few [as yet] have stepped into this fire - so great is the allure of the dreaming-experience. You will know ‘beyond any doubt’ when you have had enough of the dream. Until then ‘allow’ its powerful influence to ‘shake’ you free of its false promises.

BOOKS by John McIntosh


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