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“Soul, mind or ego [false self] … are mere words, there are no entities of the kind. Consciousness [SELF] is the only Truth.” - Ramana

Truth - Consciousness is ONE without ‘divisions’ of any kind. When one speaks of a higher self or soul they are validating their belief in separation no matter how prevailing the concept may be. Who is this one that seems to ‘have’ a higher self or soul … it does not exist either. The body-mind-identity called ‘me’ is a fiction since ONE is always ONE ‘appearing’ as many.

To the extent that you focus on ‘having’ a higher self or soul, that will be your experience and the separation this seems to bring about will continue to manifest ‘unbroken suffering’ through conflict and contrast. Redirecting your focused Attention on the ONE You Really Are expands Truth into your experience and eventually returns your full Awareness to the SELF. It really ‘is’ that simple - not easy but SIMPLE.

-image by Solveig Larsen

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine (SELF DISCOVERY) - by John McIntosh

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