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The mind [the false-self-body-mind-identity] ‘must’ offer YOU [the slumbering God-SELF ensnared in its illusions] … ‘fantastic dreams’ in order to keep YOU imprisoned within the Grand Dream of separation. This is relatively easy when YOU swim in the collective consciousness of humanity’s agreement that the body and the world is real … but when the urge to know more arises and the prospect of Enlightenment becomes a real possibility … the dreams must be ‘ramped-up’ to keep you distracted.

Here is where all manner of incredible ‘spiritual-and-awe-inspiring-adventures’ sweep away the susceptible ones who still believe Freedom is somehow ‘out there’. DNA and code activations, intergalactic messengers, dimensional levels and portals, profound visions, spectacular paranormal experiences, auspicious dates and vortexes, special influences from a multitude of unseen entities [and much more] all blend with the tried and tested ancient modalities of various divination practices and healing disciplines. This plethora of enticing fantasies keeps the masses of spiritual seekers … seeking ‘outside’ for lifetimes.

All of these influences are ‘real’ within the realm of the Grand Dream but ‘are’ still dreams within it because nothing Real ‘comes and goes’ nor is it somehow ‘time’ sensitive. Freedom is always and ONLY – Now – within ‘as’ Who You already Are. It is NOT complicated and requires no special spiritual gymnastics. Nevertheless, if the fantastic dreams still resonate with you … then for ‘now’ they are for you – enjoy them, you have eternity to be remember the Freedom You Are.

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