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"The mind is nothing but the stream of thoughts that pass over Consciousness [the SELF].” - Ramana

When those thoughts are oriented to separation they ‘program’ the mind with fear … ‘you are on your own’, which expands the belief in isolation, insecurity and loneliness. This then ‘produces’ the massive conditioning that ultimately ‘cloaks’ Who You Really Are [the SELF] in the garments of what ‘appears’ to be a unique, individual person [false self]. This process has continued unabated since the original ‘fall of Consciousness’ [“fall of man”] … and with ease since this un-real person is almost universally believed-in.

Through the ‘spaced-repetition’ of seemingly ‘benign’ and even ‘wise-sounding’ ideas that subtly foster individuality such as: “be the best ‘you’ can be”, “Love ‘your’self”, “’you’ can do anything”, this phantom called ‘me’ became a rock-solid and yet illusory reality. After that, the sheep-herder collective false self had no problem getting this ‘ghost’ to fall in line and ‘stay there’, ‘follow the rules’, ‘fit in’, and believe if it does these things and ‘works hard’ it will ‘prosper’.

It is the same ‘spaced-repetition’ focused on Truth that reverses this delusional merry-go-round and brings it to a stop. The ‘who am I’ of Self Inquiry’ is the ‘direct de-programming route’ back to the God You Are [the SELF].

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Jul 14, 2020

John, for forty years I have brought groups in-person and online (more recently) to experience the difference (contrast) between these (same) 2-ways of being aware of who and what they are, so people learn from self/Self-realization individually and indivisibly as the One we all are ... I want to thank you for your profound economy, clarity, and the beauty of all your posts and the last two in particular as showing precisely how self and Self are navigable. Truly GREAT.

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