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If you want to know what you believe … step back from your world [your personal involvement in it] and look carefully at everything. The exact script you have written and are writing from moment to moment with your every thought [most of them beneath the radar of your Awareness] is being ‘acted-out’ in your unique world like your own private stage play. This private movie will answer every question you have about what you currently believe reality is … and most of it will be fiction.

Filter your observations with what is ‘temporary’, from a soap bubble to the universe and this is the list of illusions you are making-up as the God You Are - while sleeping. Then … what is left is a ‘reflection’ of what ‘is’ Real. That which has no birth or death is limitless but rarely seen due to the seduction of the temporary. To ‘know’ the God-SELF that You Are, dwell in this timeless, boundless ‘residue’ from the field of dreams and soon it will be all you experience.

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