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Where nothing ‘Real’ is happening, nothing requires forgiveness.

Within the Grand Dream most call life or reality, nothing ‘is’ actually happening … the sublime to the disgusting, the happiness to the sorrow, the good to the bad – all are illusions. The value of forgiveness lies in its ‘transformative influence’ related to the conditioning that ‘makes-up’ the false self. These include guilt, shame, remorse and unworthiness. These building blocks of the ‘belief in separation’ have an iron grip on most of humanity and forgiveness, which is ‘always’ self-forgiveness, has a ‘diluting’ influence that’s helps to disolve these layers of conditioning.

Within the Grand Dream forgiveness that is offered to others [so-called] usually suggests ‘separation’ in that there seems to be a guilty one and a forgiving one. If the so-called guilty [again, this is only a belief within the dream] accepts the forgiveness there is an instant ‘transfer’ of this influence that registers as ‘self-forgiveness’. It matters not that there ‘is’ nothing to forgive … the self-forgiveness influence is touching the conditioning that manifests the dream In this regard forgiveness does have value.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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