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When one continues in a body ‘after’ Realization [Freedom] they are still surrounded by the influence of humanity’s collective conditioning [no longer having any of their own] that permeates the Grand Dream, molding its every illusory moment. It is still possible for them to momentarily ‘identify’ with a particular conditioning such as anger, sorrow or craving … and in that moment manifest the symptoms of the false self. Because their Awareness is Conscious of Who They Really Are as God – One – SELF, shifting back into the center of ONE or Peace is usually immediate.

Conversely, those who are still trapped in the illusion of a separated personal self but have their ‘attention’ on Freedom [intentionally or not], can experience vignettes of Freedom, which are called epiphanies or satories or AHAs … then quickly [usually] fall back into the dream world of separation. Conditioning is the architect of the Grand Dream including one’s individual life experience as a body-mind-identity and its desolation is the ‘single purpose’ of each one’s life experience until the Truth/SELF is Realized [despite the allure of some ‘special’ purpose the Grand Dream may entice them with as a distraction from their Freedom].

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