The FREE do not fear. This is not the ‘instinctual’ response to the survival of the body such as care taken around steep falls, touching fire or potentially poisonous substances … the survival of the body that is required to navigate the dream-world is a basic component of the ONE SELF’s sojourn within the illusion IT manifested to ‘know’ IT SELF. This is the fear that accompanies virtually every aspect of the false self’s experience. When one’s conditioning is dissolved, there is nothing with which fear can cling. If you are not attached to anything, if you have no expectations and if you identify with nothing - you are Empty and this ‘is’ your True state as the SELF.

This ‘is’ the simplicity of Real LIFE, which is Freedom IT SELF. It does not mean that YOU do not ‘taste and savour’ experience … it simply means that when any experience is finished YOU let it go completely.