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The route Home to Truth, to Who You Really Are, is pathless because there is no distance from the SELF ‘to’ the SELF … there ‘is’ only the SELF … all else is an illusion. It is ‘simply’ a matter of removing the illusions caused by the conditioning of attachments, expectations and identification. The first illusion is that you are a person - an individual ‘me’ and the second is that you live on something called a planet [world] inside a galaxy inside a universe. All these are phantoms - projections playing on the ‘blank screen’ of Consciousness [the SELF].

When that conditioning is dissolved, so is the illusion. The direct route is through Self Inquiry/Surrender, which exposes the false self on the stage and the props it is surrounded by, which then dissolves back into the SELF.

The ‘not easy’ part is that the idea of Being Nothing [the SELF] must be more appealing than dreaming. ‘You must want this more than air’ … and that occurs ‘only’ when dreaming fails to offer enough highs to outweigh the lows. Without that intense disappointment, disillusionment and frustration the vigilance required for consistent Self Inquiry/Surrender is not possible.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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