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There ‘is’ only ONE [SELF] and IT is Nothing - Empty and yet within this nothingness resides ‘infinite potential’ and when manifested becomes the temporary ‘projection’ of ALL THAT IS. From this Nothingness arose the Grand Dream that is the universe-world and all that ‘seems’ to be within. This occurred because of an idea called ‘separation’ allowing ONE to appear as many.

This dream world you are experiencing at the moment is transiting out of a highly constricted and dysfunctional phase called a ‘patriarchy’ and as it’s influence fades it ‘seems’ more powerful than ever. This is the sinister ‘locked-down’ world now playing out globally. The origin of this closure of most so-called ‘normal’ activities is not the ‘made-up’ pandemic that ‘anyone’ who has done serious research knows by now is NOT real, but the last gasp of this nefarious phase that is desperately clinging to its dying existence. The Age of Peace and Light that follows each of these phases of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is inevitable and WILL continue to unfold as IT is - NO MATTER WHAT last ditch attempts are made to prevent it.

In this phase’s ending struggle there is massive expansion of the mind manipulation it has used for thousands of years, far easier to execute through the use of mass media in print, television and social media, entertainment and advertising, which have been inextricably wedded to this dysfunctional influence almost since its inception. Currently, distancing people from each other and covering up so-called ‘identities’ has led to isolation and deep feelings of separation, loneliness and insignificance so that a One World Order can replace individuality and the innate connection humans have with each other. Add to this the hopelessness that deepens with each passing day as the economy of most of humanity slips into oblivion and this subjugated ‘prison-in-plain-sight’ is intended to solicit an easy acquiescence of the world’s population into a financial re-set and complete reliance on this nefarious new order.

These activities are being enforced more through this mind-control [through the continuously spaced repetitive fear slogans and directives] than through the various global governments that tell its citizens they must comply. The plethora or evidence proving beyond any doubt that there is no pandemic from tens of thousands of doctors worldwide together with detailed facts that there has been NO CHANGE in the world’s death rate since the fake pandemic was promoted, has failed to sway most of the hypnotized masses who by now have fallen under the dark influence of this constant barrage of fear-laden propaganda.

Only a great ‘shock’ will shake the majority of humanity out of this ‘programmed’ mental state … and, that shock is FAST APPROACHING.

The parallel between the intended ‘nothingness’ of humanity that is being perpetrated on it at the moment and the TRUE state of Nothingness that ‘is’ its Reality validates the saying: “As above - so below”. However, in the hands of an imbalanced influence the pristine state of ONE-ness is tainting its exquisite ‘essence’.

Humanity is only approaching the first of three states of Awakening that will eventually, in clock time, return it to the SELF it ‘is’. Nevertheless, during the Age of Peace and Light now rapidly unfolding many will attain the third level of Awakening and return to the state of full Self Realization that was, in Truth - never lost.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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