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When Consciousness [God, ONE, I AM, SELF, YOU] functions in the world ‘unconscious’ of Who IT Really Is, the difference in ITs capacity to experience IT SELF Abundantly is like a grain of sand compared to a mountain. For eons IT is ‘un-aware’ of ITs ability to manifest ‘any’ thing or circumstance IT wishes and blindly makes a world for IT SELF that is filled with chaos, conflict, disappointment and confusion … surrounded in unending suffering.

Gradually, each facet of ITs sleeping God-SELF discovers that within this Grand Dream there is a simple formula to accomplish whatever they are inspired to manifest. However, even with that awareness, when combined with the conditioning of attachments, expectation and identifications that make up this false self, no end of abuse and manipulation ensues [initially] … the result being a wide swath of divergent ‘have’s and have-nots’. Such is the inevitable consequence of the belief in separation. Ultimately, as with all indulgences in the Grand Dream, each one becomes ‘fed-up’ with the lack of Joy that partners with the experience of things and circumstances that hold one captive to fear and desire … [again the result of the belief in separation]. This is the line in the sand where each one eventually seeks Real answers in the only place they can be found – within.

I explain this in detail in my New little Handbook: “From Magician to Master”.

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