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Giving is a gift to YOU. Yes … the slumbering God-SELF, imprisoned as IT is within the delusion called a person, ‘may indeed’ be experiencing suffering while IT dreams of separation and limitation … and, YES your gift can help to lift that suffering in some way – but this is not the Real blessing.

The thoughts, words and deeds you make to elevate the world and humanity are for ‘you’ … emphasizing your ‘inward directed’ Attention on the Real YOU. Genuine giving is a recognition of the God YOU Are … not ‘within’ the one you seem to be serving but ‘as’ God [Consciousness – SELF] manifested as a temporary illusion called a person. The mask of personhood wearing whatever disguise, from a pauper to a king/queen, is not the recipient of your gift … it does not exist except in dreams. Your gift is to your SELF.

When the SELF YOU Really Are becomes your only Awareness, that is the only thing you experience ‘as’ your world. The dream no longer ‘tricks’ YOU into believing its weary dance of misery. You experience it ALL as Love and that Awareness radiates throughout the entire dream ‘influencing’ far more than any other ‘giving’ can.

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