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The concept of good ‘conquering’ evil is the communication of separation. God-YOU-SELF … is ONE, there is no separation in ONE. The false self [body-mind-identity] manifested ‘out-of’ the belief in separation and can, as a result, ‘never’ understand ONE-ness. Yes, it speaks of it often ‘as if’ it understands and agrees with ONE-ness but its language and behaviour is always about separation together with the conflict, chaos and confusion that presides over this belief system. The conquest for right over wrong dominates its language and choices along with retribution [revenge] while in the same moment promoting the concept of non-judgment.

When one says YES to What IS [Surrender] they are handing Life over to Life [SELF] ‘always and in all ways’ … no exceptions. This does not mean that ‘if’ exposed to discordant behaviour no action is taken to ‘contain’ it … it simply means that it does not ‘see’ this behaviour in a so-called ‘other’ as ‘separate’ from the SELF they Are. Darkness and Light are NOT separate, they are two extremes of ONE. The BALANCE of these extremes is the closest to ONE-ness that the false self can achieve while it still sleeps to Truth. This is the phase, in a ‘recurring cycle’, that our solar system and humanity is now entering - not the conquering of darkness.


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