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Karma is an ancient word with many connotations that can be easily misunderstood. It is simply the ‘conditioning’ [expectations, attachments, identifications tied to memory and imagination] that makes up the false-self that most of humanity believes is who they are … the body-mind-identity or person. This person as well as the world, the universe and anything which has a beginning and an ending is a ‘fiction’ and does not exist in Truth. It appears as a ‘projection’ on the blank empty wall of Consciousness as a totally believable holographic image that constantly changes and shows up in an endless variety of temporary ways including the body you currently call you.

Consciousness, or the SELF or ONE or I AM is the only Reality and has many eternal and boundless facets such as Unconditioned Love, Beauty, Abundance, Freedom, Peace, Truth and Joy, while still remaining ONE.

So called good karma or bad karma is still just conditioning and as long as conditioning remains, the Grand Dream manifested out of it also remains. Only the mind [false self] believes there is value in the concept of good karma as apposed to bad karma … this is a delusion since conditioning, no matter how it shows up is the jailer of the SELF.

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