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Everyone who believes they are an ‘individual person’ [false self], a body-mind-identity, experience an ongoing sense of ‘separation’, which manifests within the body, mind and emotions as well as in their circumstances as ‘drama’. Many have highly traumatic events produced by this separation-illusion and in turn, these produce a feeling of ‘victimhood’ thereby deepening the belief in the ‘alone and isolated state’ that separation generates.

Most who attempt to somehow remedy or at least reduce the suffering that the sense of victimhood produces will use one or more of the multitude of so-called ‘healing therapies’ available throughout the world. No matter how successful these choices may temporarily ‘seem’ they are simply shuffling around the ‘unique conditioning’ that lays at the root of what brought about the experiences and WILL reappear in some manner ... similarly or totally different.

The ‘purpose’ of ‘all’ events [mild or traumatic] in the made-up world that this false self calls reality [due to this conditioning], is to draw one first to their knees in surrender and then inward toward the SELF [the Real YOU] where the Wholeness [ONE-ness] that YOU Are resides and ‘always’ has. The cycle of dramas will continue unabated until this choice is made and seen to its conclusion as Freedom or SELF Realization.


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