The concept of healing is very prevalent in spirituality, however in the Shift that is now occurring where the heaviness of deep dreaming is dissolving, outward ‘imbalances’ of every kind can now be easily recognized as an aspect of conditioning [expectations, attachments and identifications memory and imagination]. Sickness is a very common manifestation of imbalance but the SELF [Who You Really Are] is Perfect and has never been imbalanced in any way.

The body is a cloak the SELF wears to navigate within the Grand Dream, which manifests perfectly unless colored by conditioning [which is usually the case]. Conditioning can appear as a whole range of dysfunctions when the slumbering God-SELF, wrapped as it is the body-mind-identity [a product of conditioning] appears ill. Whatever healing modality [of the vast number available] is used, does not dissolve this conditioning, which simply shifts to a temporary neutral condition and WILL arise again, possibly in the same manner or in a totally different way.

‘There is no physical