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Help always arrives ‘as’ it is required - PERFECTLY. You are never left alone in any situation that requires a SHIFT in circumstances or consciousness. Whenever it ‘seems’ help is not forthcoming, the narrative that is playing out is for your highest good – that good is always and only the full re-Awakening to the ONE SELF You Really Are … there ‘is’ no other Purpose while IT occupies and sleeps within a body-mind-identity … ‘until it occurs’.

The suffering that arises within a myriad of experiences is meant to draw attention inward … and ultimately this ‘is’ accomplished. The degree of suffering that one must endure varies according to how ‘stuck’ the mind is in the belief that separation, with all its many disguises, is ‘real’. Suffering is the Great Blessing [the Divine Discontent] that rescues the slumbering God-SELF from the prison of eternal dreaming in the world-universe illusion. The ‘help’ that arrives therefore does not always eliminate suffering but frequently ‘redirects’ it so that the ever-Present SELF eventually becomes the only last resort.

Suffering ends when one becomes aware that separation is an illusion and ‘Surrenders’ to WHAT IS. It is the same pathless-path but the ‘resistance’ that was present before has ended and the suffering with it.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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