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Updated: Apr 6, 2019


If you are Truly exhausted with the Life you have been experiencing … you are standing on the edge of the cliff of Self Discovery and HOME is near, not near in terms of distance but of Awareness. This is the trick the false-self-identity plays as it pretends to assist you with your quest for Freedom. It uses terms like: ‘The Path’, ‘The Journey’, ‘I am growing’, ‘I am getting better’, ‘I am developing my mind’ and many more. HOME or Freedom has never been ‘missing’ … “it is nearer than your breathe” and has always been.

If you are hungry with your back turned away from a cornucopia of delights, facing toward a wasteland will not feed you … you must place your Attention ‘on’ the food. Humanity has simply faced toward limitation and declared Abundance a long way off, and said Freedom must be struggled for, and can only be won when the darkness within is healed. None of this has been True. There is no distance to NOW, no path of disciplines, practices and ways and means to make you worthy … you are HOME at this very moment. But if you continue to ‘believe’ your Freedom is in the distance – ‘it will be’.

You are God and can create any illusion you choose to keep you scrambling for scraps. Simply shift your attention toward NOW or Truth or Freedom [all mean the same thing] and it WILL ‘expand’ in your Awareness and experience and soon it will be the only thing you are Aware of.

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