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The ‘so-called’ KNOWING of the mind [the false self] is at best ‘belief, faith or trust’ … all of which still engender an element of doubt … and ‘never’ certainty. The mind ‘refers’ to its history, including all ‘learned’ history, and compares it to what it is ‘always judging’ in the moment. It does NOT really KNOW anything as Ramana’s statement says: “All knowledge [mind oriented] … is learned ignorance” … since that learning occurred by the illusion of ‘personhood’ in an illusion called the world.

The natural ‘intuitive’ faculty is the direct conduit to genuine KNOWING, which is beyond all time and space as well as temporary things and experiences … in other words, beyond the illusion of the world-universe the mind calls ‘reality’. Gut feelings, hunches, flashes, Aha’s, satoris and epiphanies are ‘moments’ of intuitive ‘insight’. This is the normal condition of an ‘unbroken’ Conscious Awareness which KNOWS ‘everything’ about any given subject in an ‘instant’.

It would ‘seem’ natural then that during these last 3 years when the world was inundated with a flood of [until then] suppressed subterfuge [not new – just hidden] … that regarding those who represent themselves as ‘spiritual leaders and teachers’, this innate KNOWING would have ‘shone’ forth and be exemplified in their behaviour. They would have KNOWN that the narrative being foisted upon humanity was ‘false’ in every way and they would [at the very least] have NOT cooperated with it or in ANY way supported it … [always remembering we are speaking of a ‘story’ within the Grand Dream (illusion) called this world].

For example, a ‘spiritual seminar or retreat’ that required ‘any kind of compliance’ with this insidious narrative would NEVER be conducted by one who was TRULY connected to and LIVED seamlessly through their intuitive faculty … in other words an example of the ONE SELF disguised as a human.

This is NOT a condemnation … the ONE SELF does NOT shoot IT SELF in the foot when the pendulum of ITs experience swings through darkness. IT KNOWS everything ‘is’ IT SELF – within a dream. IT does NOT however ENDORSE that darkness.

Humanity is very quickly SHIFTING into an era of Peace and Light [a Happy Dream] BUT … to fully savor and taste this ‘aspect’ of the ONE SELF it ‘is’, the intuitive faculty ‘must’ awaken from its almost ‘complete’ slumber. Very, very few as yet have allowed LIFE to LIVE their experience … the intuitive faculty is a natural aspect of that Surrender. The Awareness of the Perfect Light YOU ‘already’ Are ‘is’ EXPANDING … but to experience IT … genuine VISION must be Present. That VISION occurs through the conduit of INTUITION.

Surrendering to LIFE – saying YES to LIFE … will effortlessly expand that aperture.

-image by Solveig Larsen

LIFE: The Descent ‘from’ and Ascent ‘to’ the Awareness of Who’ You Really Are

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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