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The Absolute [the Real YOU – Emptiness – Nothing-ness], to ‘know’ IT SELF, creates Consciousness [ONE – SELF] as ITs vehicle and as a blank screen on/in which to project IT SELF. The SELF is the ‘Producer/Director’ of the Grand Dream/play. IT enters ITs dream/play Pure and Clear, then descends into ‘forgetfulness’ of Who IT Really Is in order to fully ‘savor’ everything ‘as if’ for the first time [like watching a movie before reading the book]. In this forgetful state the idea of ‘separation’ occurs and from this a multiplicity of possible experiences arises along with thought/mind, which usurps the role of ‘Director’ from the SELF.

The ‘mind’ becomes a false self along with the ‘thoughts’ that manifest it and the ‘Body’ [all life forms] becomes the ‘Actor’ within which the now ‘deluded’ SELF navigates within the Grand Dream/play. The ‘Script’ each body/actor follows and which the mind directs in chaos, comes ‘complete’ when the body enters the Grand Dream/play … the result of the ‘conditioning/karma’ of past parts the imprisoned SELF has played.

While the deluded SELF plays ITs parts IT experiences a wide arc of pleasure and pain often unsure where one ends and the other begins. This keeps it sufficiently seduced and in bondage ‘to’ the Grand Dream/play to remain in it for eons of clock time. Eventually, every part is played …many times and IT becomes satiated with the play. This is the turning point where IT longs for Freedom and shifts ITs attention ‘inward’ asking for help, which IT ‘as’ IT SELF immediately offers. When Freedom does arrive [never having actually departed in Truth] the SELF [Heart] replaces the mind [thought] as ‘Director’ and the SELF experiences the Grand Dream/play without being ‘attached’ to it [the master ‘of’ it]

… “Behold, I have overcome the world” – Jesus/Bible. THIS … is your destiny, now unfolding for many.

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