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What most refer to as ‘reality’ is a Grand Dream the ONE SELF uses to ‘know’ IT SELF’. This SELF – the Real YOU, ‘is’ ALL THERE IS.

In order for the ‘appearance’ of the world-universe to come into being there must be the illusion of separation [“ONE appearing a many”] … a ‘from here to there’ illusory phenomena, which further involves the idea of ‘time and space’. This is the ‘stage’ on which the Great play of life unfolds. It is ‘very’ convincing. This fundamental concept of separation in and of itself suggests ‘division’ and division leads to ‘conflicts, confusion and chaos’ at various levels of intensity. Herein lie the dramas and stories that make up the moment-to-moment experience of most of humanity. It could NOT be otherwise in order for manifestation to occur.

This projection, which occurs on the screen of Consciousness, flows through cycles [dreams within dreams] and periodically, as is playing out now, there is a relative ‘balance’ between the myriad of opposites that separation generates. This, most refer to as ‘peace’, but it pales by comparison with the Real Peace that YOU Are ‘as’ the ONE SELF. Nevertheless, these temporary vignettes ‘do’ present a unique window of opportunity in which the return to the full Awareness of Who You Really Are becomes easier to access.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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