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The fully Aware SELF [God – Consciousness – I AM – YOU] experiences through a body the dream of separation but there is no ‘attachment or identification’ with the foibles and picadilloes that are a constant ongoing expression of ‘personhood’.

The SELF experiences All That IS as ONE, as Love … no matter ‘how’ it shows up.

The SELF experiences no fear.

The SELF experiences All That Is ‘as’ IT SELF despite its un-reality. When one is fully Aware that they ‘are’ the SELF the un-Real ‘is’ Real. This cannot be understood with the mind.

The SELF … in the midst of chaos and conflict - is always at Peace ‘as’ Peace.

The Real YOU is the SELF … this is Reality.

The false you/self cannot ‘think’ itself into the SELF since it has no real existence. Only the removal of the ‘clouds of conditioning’ that seem to block the SELF brings about this Awareness.

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