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When one who is Free says: “I am with you always” they are not speaking of the so called ‘person’ you are. They are speaking ‘to’ the SELF ‘They Are’ … they are speaking ‘to’ the same SELF … YOU Are.

When they speak to so called ‘others’ [there are no others], they are speaking to this same SELF as well [there ‘is’ only ONE] slumbering under the conditioned garments of what ‘appears’ to be an individual identity. If there is a ‘chink in the armor’ of this disguise, the Light of the SELF ‘will’ ‘touch’ IT SELF in that illusory person. If not, then the mind [false self] with all its ‘learned knowledge’ will often respond ‘as if’ it knows the Truth. It does NOT, but it loves to interact as if it is wise since it ‘knows NOT’ that it must become totally ‘empty’ [disappear] before what is Real shines forth.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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21 jul 2020

John, when the separate false-self is 'nowhere to be found' this Self, that we both Are, finds Only One SINGLE Consciousness radiating through all that is. The 'SELF' is not "aloof." Here's an example: When I was thirty-two, after a year in Western Australia, I moved to Hobart, Tasmania. I was then at the same latitude South as my birthplace was North. The presence of Antarctica taught me there can be radiant cold. Its icy presence pierced my bones, until it seemed like they could snap. I took a plane up the coast to Cairns, North Queensland and found a free ashram in Mount Molloy - up in the table lands - run by an English couple. They gave me a garde…

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