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What you identify with ‘becomes’ your experience. This can be so influential that you can believe it is who you are. Someone who ‘sculpts’ thereby calls themselves a sculptor. Someone who steals calls themselves [and is called] a thief. The identifying titles are numberless and are accentuated by certificates, degrees, business cards and all manner of ‘solidifying’ systems insuring that you are certain this ‘is’ who you are. This seems normal, logical and practical and it masks the insidious nature of its control over the Real SELF [but only within the grand dream].

Your Freedom lies in only ‘one’ identification and that is the God-SELF You Are. Declaring this identity as Who You Are ‘is’ Truth. ‘I AM’ is one way to state this. It is simple, yet infinitely powerful. Whatever else you are ‘doing’ in LIFE ‘is just a ‘doing’ and NOT a ‘Being’. If you say, “I am a gardener”, the transitory ‘doing’ of gardening touches only that moment and does not [and cannot] chain the SELF to that identity in any ‘Real’ way … but you can ‘believe’ it and many other identities ‘into’ your unique dream world for many lifetimes.

This is very subtle and easy to dismiss. Herein lies the wisdom of the ‘still small voice’ … always simple and to the false-self-mind – insignificant, yet encompassing ALL THAT IS.

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