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IFs, ANDs & BUTs

John McIntosh

Everything in the false self’s dream world is preordained through what many refer to as karma. And yet … karma is NO MORE REAL than is the false self that clouds the God-SELF’s full Conscious Awareness while it sleeps to Truth. Karma is a made-up concept in a library of rules that seem to guide the universe, the planet and humanity. In ‘Truth’ there ‘are’ no rules because contrast, comparisons and opposites [the fruit of the belief in separation] do not exist in Reality.

When you become Aware that you are God individuated, you step off the so-called ‘wheel of karma’ because karma relies on time and space while Reality is of the NOW. This is why saying YES to ‘What Is’ deflates the ‘expansion’ of karma, which is always expanding through either what some call ‘good or bad’ karma [still karma]. Your YES offers no fuel or Life Force to produce additional karma [cause and effect]. Its never ending in the grand dream and cannot be neutralized by practices. Resistance ‘is’ Attention given to something you want or do not want despite your best ‘intensions’ … and Attention always ‘Expands’ what is focused upon.

There are no ‘ifs, ands or buts’ about this … everything is predestined while you remain a dreamer in the grand dream. Until you become ‘fully Conscious’ of your God-hood, you are bound by this blueprint for your life experience. This is why full God-SELF Awareness is your #1 priority.

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