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You are Pure Conscious Awareness [God, ONE, I AM, the SELF] and everything that ‘appears’ does so ‘within’ YOU … NOT the other way around as it seems. You are NOT a body-mind-identity with a ‘spark’ or God within you. The body-mind-‘person’ is an illusion projected ‘inside’ the boundless-ness of Conscious Awareness, into which YOU inhabit and animate as an instrument for navigating the illusion of the universe. This Conscious Awareness that You Are also inhabits and animates ALL of the Grand Dream [illusion] to experience IT SELF and taste contrast as YOU ‘play’ with Your SELF in the field of dreams.

Forgetfulness of Your True identity allows you to ‘savor’ everything as if it is ‘new’ and different, but it also allows for the contrast that brings about conflict and chaos in numberless ways. This too is an experience YOU ‘as’ Conscious Awareness wishes to have and it is the ‘crumb-trail’ home in that it brings about ‘suffering’ that eventually leads you ‘inward’ and ‘out’ of the Grand Dream where the Light of Truth can again bring on the remembrance of Who You Really Are. At some point the Light is bright enough for you to surrender totally to IT, which allows an exponential expansion of Awareness that soon brings on total recall of the God You Really Are.

#18 -sent from our Retreat at the Forest in the Sky - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in Vietnam

-image by Solveig Larsen - ‘illusions’

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