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Few things in the Grand Dream are celebrated and encouraged more than the mind’s faculty of imagination. It is the architect of dreams and dreaming … another aspect of the mind’s insidious nature as your jailor. What ‘pulls’ attention ‘out there’ keeps the Real YOU trapped. ‘Out there’ is a seductive prison with invisible bars, nevertheless, exploring ‘out there’ through dreaming and imagination is the great pass time of most of humanity.

Imagination allows you to ‘conceive’ of life any way you choose and indeed all who still sleep to Truth are ‘lost’ within those illusions. Resistance toward ‘What Is’ combined with desire for what might be are chief among the motivators for dreaming and imagination and are the main attributes that ‘fuel’ suffering. Your YES to ‘What Is’ circumvents the momentum of dreams and imagination and turns this ship of foolishness ‘inward’ toward ‘Nothing-ness’. The mind argues that ‘nothing’ is more foolish than to pursue nothing-ness, and yet within the eternal infinity of nothing-ness lies the Freedom of ‘All That Is’, without the conditioning that has bound you ‘to’ it.

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