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You are Free when you 'know' through the Heart that the universe-world is a dream ... its not just a mental belief, which many have. The Light expands when this occurs and the world-mirror that reflects who you are NOT ... becomes far more vivid. This increases the 'triggers' that are meant to get your attention to the conditioning that is 'ready' to be dissolved [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory (past) and imagination (future). This constitutes the 'clouds' that seem to hide the ONE SELF You Really Are 'from' IT SELF.

Dissolving this conditioning-baggage becomes an all encompassing focus to you when you have arrived at this Awareness ... you 'know' who YOU Really Are but waffle back and forth between that 'knowing' and the illusions you still dance with on the stage of dreams. Nevertheless, a line-in-the-sand has been crossed and it is impossible for you to go back into the dream and NOT know that you are dreaming.

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