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What is Real is hidden in plain sight. Like a night-time dream, focused attention in the waking dream [which most call reality], is extremely narrow missing the boundlessness of Reality.

The screen of Consciousness ‘embraces’ the projection of dreams on IT, but IT is quickly forgotten as the ONE Truth once attention is absorbed by the shifting phantoms acting out all their intensely serious drama/stories. When this passing parade of ghosts loses its appeal, the screen that the SELF ‘is’, seems to miraculously appear.

The dream could not have occurred ‘without’ the screen … and, as it played out, the SELF experienced it ‘as’ IT SELF, but remained detached throughout the dream.

The innocent see the Real and are able to ‘pick up and release’ the dream-projection’s endless masks with this same detachment. It is this detachment that makes one fresh, young and forever innocent like a new-born without any history. This is the meaning of “entering the Kingdom of heaven as a little child”. Innocence is humble without being ‘aware’ of its humility and as a result playfully oblivious of the traps set by the grand dream to ensnare those that identify with the infinite disguises it wears. Innocence slips between the pixels of the dream-projection and never leaves the ONE-ness of the screen.

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