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In night-time dreams, images appear spontaneously, without any particular order. The stage props are already present, and events unfold without any apparent ‘cause’. They dissolve into nothing-ness just as quickly often shifting into totally different scenarios. The dreamer does not question this. The universal Grand Dream as well as your own unique dream within it ‘also’ springs into manifestation in much the same manner, fully dressed in garments you are familiar with and having an essence of continuity that leaves you with the ‘unquestioning belief’ that it is ‘real’ … but, it isn’t.

When deep sleep occurs in your night-time dream there are no dreams ‘including’ the believed in ‘waking’ dream of the universe, the world and the life you seem to have a role as a person in. This ‘waking’ dream you call reality shows up instantaneously upon your ‘so-called’ waking ‘to’ it. It’s a fiction manifested from your conditioning. This is a shock for most and almost impossible to accept, nevertheless, what is NOT real does not have some ‘kind’ of reality about it … what is NOT real – does not exist and yet has a ‘kind’ of existence. This is a Divine Dichotomy.

What is Real … is YOU, the ONE SELF playing within this ‘projection’ on the screen of Consciousness IT uses to Know IT SELF. IT/YOU has simply lost Conscious Awareness of this and to this end [becoming Conscious], everything ‘in’ the Grand Dream is oriented.

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