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Integrity is ‘authenticity’ and ‘transparency’ … it is the natural state of Truth and is not something one ‘tries’ to be … YOU, as the SELF simply emanate integrity without the ‘intention’ to. The SELF has no agendas or plans as is often spoken of regarding “God’s plan” … IT/YOU simply ‘IS’. A plan suggests time and space, which are the illusory offspring of the belief in separation. There is no separation in ONE, All That Is … ‘IS’ and what manifests is simply spontaneous.

When the SELF slumbers under the delusion of individual-person-hood and the limitations that engenders, compromise ‘of’ Truth is ITs natural state and corruption then is an integral aspect of that state. IT is NOT aware of this being anything but normal. The ‘dog-eat-dog’ concept is derived from this dysfunctional condition and any behaviour necessary to survive within the illusory boundaries of separation is therefore justified without the need for defense. In fact, whatever nefarious conduct that may be required to exist in the competitive world of the slumbering SELF is usually celebrated.

When a so-called ‘conscience’ seeps into this conflicted ‘mind’, it is a sure sign the SELF is beginning to ‘wake up’. The confusion that is attendant with this passage out of sleep and into Awakening is very painful but necessary and should be embraced rather than condemned. When Freedom beckons, there WILL be confusion but as the longing for HOME expands so does the Awareness of Truth. No one is left behind.


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