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‘As above so below’ is a well known adage, which simply states that Truth mirrors IT SELF … layer upon layer throughout the Grand Dream appearing as levels, dimensions, metaphors and all manner of reflections to expose IT SELF as a Light in the darkness of limitation – the child of the belief in separation. Intuition, I refer to as ‘the telephone line to God [by any name]’, meaning the conduit through which the slumbering God-SELF communicates with ITs fully Aware SELF.

Within the Grand Dream and during the current Shift in Conscious Awareness that is collapsing the dysfunctional masculine patriarchy, being balanced by the Divine Feminine … communication has expanded exponentially in the last 100+ years. Recently the Internet was added to this expansion and together with other forms of instant media has high-lighted the Truth of our Being as it collapses time and space. This technology has also provided a global connection that allows Awareness to expand instantly, far beyond the words, images and sounds that are conveyed through it … in less tangible but much more ‘potent’ ways through your INTENTION and ATTENTION that precedes all manifestation.

Words, images and sounds limit, while even a ‘monetary and genuine INTENTION of Love’ [prior to ‘any’ thought or action] speaks in the Stillness of Truth without the coloring of conditioning. Know that this ‘is’ the SELF’s offering to ITs sleeping SELF without ‘any’ assistance the false self may attempt to offer through the imaginings of the mind … and, it is far more powerful in its influence on Awakening than anything you can ‘do’. And, also know that this silent and subtle influence touches ANYONE that is connected to the Internet … not just those directly associated with you.

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