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There is a concept in the spiritual community that some challenges that are in one’s life experience - ‘are not theirs’. This means that they would be allowing dysfunctional energy from humanity to flow through them to help cleanse it. While this is ‘close’ to what occurs in some cases … it only occurs when one is genuinely FREE and not because there has been a ‘mental choice’ to be this conduit. That is spiritual arrogance and does not address the ‘conditioning’ one still has that defines their false identity and illusory world.

For one who is Truly Free and retains a physical body it is to be an example of the Truth [this is usually NOT a doing but a radiance]. In some cases, the Free one takes on some collective conditioning to dissolve it [not heal it since is does not actually exist]. This is relatively rare and such a one would never openly ‘showcase’ what is occurring. Until you are Free, your ‘one’ Purpose for being in a physical body is to dissolve the conditioning that brought you here and this needs to be the number one priority for it to occur.


“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up


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