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John McIntosh - Q&A ONLINE - "THE GREAT SHIFT -#2”

Moderated by: Anne Kerry Ford

Background image by: Solveig Larsen

Our first Q&A Online Live Stream was very well received and we have chosen to continue them ‘for now’ on a weekly basis on Thursdays. The next one will be on:

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Streamed LIVE on Facebook

 2 pm EST/ 11 am Pacific / 7pm GMT + 1

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Please email your questions to and indicate whether you are available to be a Guest Online or would rather have Anne read your question for you.

“The world that you have called reality, is collapsing. For eons Life has been upside down … an illusion so real that only a few down through the ages have recognized the Truth and set themselves Free. Humanity is now being shaken awake through this Great SHIFT.”


"This is a Fabulous Show and the Answers are Simplified in such a way that a 3rd grader has the ability to comprehend. I feel this is a most Important delivery system that is needed. Not to mention the frequency that is being emitted is a Beautiful flow of Resonance that carries such Truth. I Thank you John for your Service to Humanity." - Rosie Neal

I can offer no more important words than "I" slept like a baby last night for the first time in YEARS. Your online Q & A yesterday provided so much peace and ease to the soul. Looking forward to more of these enlightening sessions. THANK YOU SO MUCH.” - Ginny Cataldo

"Thank you for sharing your universal wisdom and grace John ❤ Many will be blessed by the clarity and insights you share. With deep gratitude for your presence and generous heart." - Pamela Jane Gerrand


John McIntosh was a successful entrepreneur until 1999. He travelled for decades around the world speaking to tens of thousands of people about Personal Development before leaving ‘everything’ behind and diving into Self-Discovery/Inquiry.

John shares his acquired understanding of the false-self-identity together with his personal experience of thinking with the Heart, which returns you to full Conscious Awareness of Who You Really Are, through his 27 books, daily Blog articles and Online Q&A’s.

BOOKS by John McIntosh:

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