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Consider what it means to carry no obligations or responsibilities, no ideologies or beliefs, no educational prerequisites, no concepts of what is right or wrong, no imaginings about how best to ‘fit in’, no judgments of any kind, no preferences of what is bad, good or better, no … ? This touches on what it means to be empty. The false self [body-mind-identity] will say this is dull, boring and delusional and no way to live. Then consider the ancient resume of the mind [the history of humanity]. There has never been a template for living life that did not include every version of happiness and sorrow mixed into a soup of uncertainty and fear … such is the nature of the Grand Dream.

JOY is a flatline ‘beyond’ the opposites of happiness and sorrow and arises only in the presence of emptiness where ‘nothing’ the world has to offer ‘binds’ YOU in any way. This does not mean YOU as the God YOU Are cannot experience and savor the abundant variations possible in the Grand Dream [world/universe] … it means when YOU ‘do’ this it is without attachment. Whatever is tasted is left behind totally when it has been experienced. This is SELF Love and therefore Love of All That Is because it expects nothing and gives IT SELF totally to each moment. This is the ever-present experience of JOY in the unending flow of ups and downs that ceaselessly flow in the Grand Dream. This is possible only when YOU Know Who You Really Are … meaning YOU have returned to this Awareness without interruption.

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