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Judgment and forgiveness are both ‘concepts’ used by dreamers to bring about a feeling of ‘balance’ to the illusion of separation they have bought into. ‘Getting-even’ [an instrument of judgment], is the false self’s aggressive version of judgment. In the dream-world it is usually called ‘revenge’ but it is actually a delusional and ‘extreme attempt’ at releasing the deep anguish and pain associated with the experience of a wide swing of the pendulum of ‘opposites’ … such as a great loss of something it was deeply ‘attached to’. It seeks to ‘rid itself’ of this excruciating pain through ‘transfer’ to a perceived perpetrator thereby bringing about a sense of ‘satisfaction’, which is really a ‘temporary zero-point’ between dark and light. All manner of ‘collateral damage’ occurs when this desperate measure is used.

As the false self sheds more and more of the ‘conditioning’ that keeps it blinded to Truth [Peace], it shifts to a more benign instrument called ‘forgiveness’, which seeks the same balance or zero-point. Eventually, the awareness arises that ‘nothing’ has actually happened ‘to be forgiven’. When the ONE SELF is recognized as the ‘only’ Reality, even the concept of ‘balance’ disappears since there ‘are’ no opposites in the absence of the belief in separation.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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