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Just a blink, a holiday, a brief visit … that’s all this sojourn into the field of dreams is. YOU come to visit Your full potential – impossible in the spaciousness of Nothing-ness. YOU step into the dream… every blade of grass, every star, every breeze and yes, every fearful specter lurking behind dream corners in dark places ‘made-up’ just for you ‘by’ YOU. How fulfilling would it be if you ‘knew’ this while you played the game of phantoms and phenomena, dancing in the shadows and hiding in the smoke and mirrors of endless illusions?

The game required YOU to ‘forget’ YOU … forget the Perfection of Emptiness. There is no book to read before you enter the movie, just a script written by the conditioning of every dream you ever played within. All those things and experiences you are still attached to … those outcomes you hoped for and the characters you identified with – they are the sculptures of your current dreaming. Parts to play with seeming ‘others’ … but there ‘are’ no others, only more extensions of YOU playing YOU while dreaming. YOU play with YOURself.

To exit the dream and return to the full Awareness of Who YOU Really Are, the dream must have lost its allure. Its seductive fiery appeal must be extinguished completely before your passion and unswerving attention turns inward … back to the Light of Being … back to the ONE SELF YOU have always been.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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