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Just BE” or “BE yourself” is an often referred to suggestion in spirituality … but what does it mean? BEING-ness is the state of Awareness when one lives ‘as’ the ONE SELF … Who They [All] Really Are [God - Consciousness]. This is no more possible for the false self than is unconditional Love, since the body-mind-identity [person] or false self is ‘made-up-out-of’ conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory and imagination].

As long as the cloak of conditioning is wrapped around the SELF it will ‘slumber’ in the delusion of a personal identity where the experience of BEING-ness is veiled.

The false self does NOT somehow ‘realize’ the SELF … ‘it dies’. When conditioning dissolves the fabric of the false self also disappears … this ‘me’ you believed you were no longer exists. When this occurs BEING-ness is the natural state. The inner work of dissolving conditioning must first be done and this means genuinely ‘standing in the fire of who you are NOT’ until this is completed.

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