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The false self is very concerned about many aspects of the dream it is experiencing … ‘justice’ ranking high on its list of prerequisites for a harmonious living. When someone is convicted of some crime it considers heinous, it celebrates what it perceives as the ‘justice’ handed out and revels in the ripples of fear it hopes will spread to possible other similar perpetrators. This is consistent with its total lack of awareness since the ‘conditioning’ [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory and imagination] that produced the imbalance, has simply been submerged in the collective dream to be transformed into another manifestation of dysfunction elsewhere.

There is no resolution ‘made up’ in the world dream that will ‘ever’ bring balance to what is founded on ‘imbalance’ due to the belief in separation. No world story-drama can be reconciled satisfactorily to bring about Peace for the false self since the false self [mind] is fabricated out of dis-peace. Only the desolation of the body-mind-identity [person] as one’s reality allows the ‘essence’ of Peace [the SELF] to shine unveiled from ITs long exile from Awareness.

That Awareness sees through every anomaly to the Heart of Love at the center. This is the True function of every challenge that presents itself in the Grand Dream.

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