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When the mind says it ‘knows’ something [anything], what it really means is that it has a very strong ‘belief’ about something … there is always a question mark associated with anything that the mind speaks or thinks about. A more common way of expressing a leaning toward something is faith or belief … even trust, but knowing, even if there is clear cut so-called ‘proof’ about something … ‘never’ occurs with the mind because the mind is conditioned and conditioning, with its litany of attachments, expectations and identifications, always ‘colours’ what the mind ‘says it knows’ turning it into an opinion or perspective.

Knowing is a ‘Heart-centered Awareness’ that requires no proof or explanation. This occurs through the periodic Intuitive messages that are clear, concise and many times provide full-blown precise details that the linear mind would take months to decipher and even then with ‘uncertainty’. An unbroken communication with Knowing ‘only’ arises when the personal identity called ‘me’ has dissolved … and that is the greatest fear that exists. You must ‘want’ this Awareness more than air for it BE.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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