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‘Who’ lets Love in … and to ‘where’?

The false self uses ‘self-talk’ to keep its thoughts [the source of the mind], secure and in control of your experience. It nudges Consciousness [the Real YOU], toward words and phrases that ‘confine’ IT and keep it subservient to an invisible jailer in a prison with walls that cannot easily be recognized but can most certainly be ‘felt’. To say, “I allow Love in” sounds like the spiritually humble words of one who has surrendered … and indeed this may emanate from a sincere intention, however it is a revolving door leading back into the bondage of the body-mind-identity you are NOT.

Ask the question, ‘who is this ‘I’ that is allowing anything? The false self does nothing that leads to its own demise. Additionally, Love is never ‘NOT’ YOU and is already All That Is … everything that is Real as well as that which ‘seems’ to exist [appearing temporarily on the screen of Consciousness, which is another word for LOVE] ‘is’ IT. Love does NOT ‘go’ anywhere and certainly is never confined in a body or a mind, both of which are illusions. The projection of the universe/world/body/mind is made ‘out of’ Love and is ‘in’ IT, not the other way around.

In those few well meant words [and many others like them], an invisible illusory prison is acknowledged as existing. Here is a suggestion: … if you have the ‘urge’ to use the word Love, saying, ‘I AM Love’ proclaims Truth … or simply, ‘I AM’ acknowledges Truth even more simply and ‘I’ alone ‘is’ Truth. Beyond even this, is Silence. Less and less and less is more and ‘nothing … is the Absolute.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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Sep 06, 2019

Beautifully Felt Clarity John, Thank You for Consciously BEing LOVE. I know there may seem to be No Need for the Absolute to Know its Self

i.e., What is the Absolute? How is the False self and True 'I' Possible? Though direct conscious realization that can be insightfully shared socially,

is in short supply, where you are supplying some but not all of the answers. Are you not interested, or open to, a dialog about the source or origin of Love? Let's talk about,

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