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In Truth, there ‘are’ no levels because nothing is really happening in a dream. However, the dream can be used to awaken one ‘from’ the dream and the concept of levels has some value in that regard. When one Awakens to the Truth that you are NOT a body-mind-identity and that the world/universe is a Grand Dream, [this is NOT an intellectual belief but a ‘knowing’ without doubt], you can be said to be ‘FREE’ – with ‘baggage’. Baggage means the ‘conditioning that manifested the Grand Dream and you in it as a person. This conditioning must be dissolved completely for the actual Freedom called Liberation to BE.

It is as if you are now ‘watching’ the dream as a play from the front rows of a theater but still very much identify with the play. This can be recognized by the frequency of ‘triggers’ that still molest you. Freedom with ‘echoes’ is like sitting halfway up in the theater seats where only the most ancient and persistent conditioning continues to disturb you. Freedom with ‘whispers’ is the upper balcony of the theater, where ‘most’ of your ‘Attention’ is focused ;within’ and everything is experienced as ONE … as YOU – the SELF. Little breezes still distract you like a passing fragrance but most of your Awareness is of ONE-ness where the ‘great deception’ no longer has you trapped in the world of contrast and separation.

When you are fully ‘Realized’ [Liberated] you have returned to the total ‘Emptiness’ of ONE, which is also ‘All That Is’, but rests in eternal Peace and Silence. Nevertheless, you ‘can’ return to the dream as YOU the SELF chooses ‘IN the world but not OF it’.

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