Many believe this: “The world is sinking into an abyss of degradation and unconscionable indifference and selfish personal agendas.”

The current dysfunctional Divine Masculine patriarchy has been hiding beneath the sheets of acceptable societal conduct for thousands of years and has simply and recently emerged into full-blown view to manifest the end of this reflection in the grand play … bathed now in the brilliant expanding Light of the Divine Feminine. This is not a death sentence for the imbalanced masculine influence that long ago went off the rails but a natural aspect of a continuous cycle of ‘masculine imbalance and dysfunction followed by a temporary balance then swinging into a wide arc of feminine imbalance on the other side’.

The universe of opposites from its macrocosm to the microcosm of a single human experience manifests these cycles endlessly as long as you choose to play in the field of dreams. It is in the nature of separation to alternate between balance and imbalance with an emphasis on either the Divine Masculine or th