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The mind requires a ‘frame’ of reference to navigate the world it calls reality. Everything, both things and experiences ‘seem’ to be ‘out-there’ and separated … ‘that’ is a frame of reference: ‘I am here and everything else is somewhere and somewhen out-there’. It then frames all experiences and things with copious descriptions with a hierarchy or good or bad, better or worse and a host of other generalities that ‘validates’ that this ‘reality’ is built on separation. This initiates the concept of limitations … ranging from ‘I am not good enough to do or be this or that’, swinging all the way to - ‘I can do (almost) anything’. Ultimately, badges, certificates, degrees, titles, and all manner of visible forms of recognition places each one in a category [usually many]. Associated with this is a simmering angst and misery related to ‘comparisons’ and being ‘accepted’ that never ceases while one ‘looks out there’.

Until one turns within and seeks Truth, ‘limitations’ [of some kind] is an invisible anchor around the neck worn by everyone.

Truth is ONE, with no levels whatsoever. As a result, the concept of limitation does NOT exist. The SELF or ‘ONE’ SELF, when IT is fully Aware of Who IT ‘is’, IT is ‘unaware’ of divisions of any kind, no levels, no hierarchy … IT simply recognizes that ALL THAT IS … ‘is’ IT ‘as’ ONE. The ‘frame’ the mind would place around this – something it can never define, experience or understand, is LOVE. That is accurate but being ONE or ‘infinite’ – cannot be framed or explained. IT simply ‘is’. ‘THIS’ is Who You Really Are.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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