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Living inside out means to constantly ‘observe’ the world [universe] and your body-mind-identity as existing ‘within’ YOU rather than ‘you’ somehow being ‘housed’ somewhere within a body … as most people believe. The universe and all that seems to be within it is a ‘projection’ on the screen of Consciousness [Pure Conscious Awareness], another name for I AM, ONE or God. This is Who You Really Are and when viewed in this way gives ‘Attention’ to Truth. Always with ‘attention’ comes Expansion of Awareness of that which is being given a steady focus … becoming your moment to moment experience - manifested.

This is NOT the same as the saying, “What you think about you become” … a very familiar phrase, which is generally misunderstood. You CANNOT ‘become’ anything you are NOT. What you think about [give your attention to] becomes your ‘experience only’ but that does NOT make it ‘who you are’.

When you ‘witness’ the world and your body-mind experiences as something that ‘is’ occurring ‘within’ YOU but is NOT who you are, you are no longer giving Life Force to an illusion … you are beginning to separate your SELF ‘from’ illusion, which is simply projected ‘thought’. If you add to this the repetitive question, “For whom do these thoughts arise” … followed by “Who am I”, you are exposing the illusion as NOT YOU, and being exposed, must sink back into the Real SELF.

In this way, sooner rather than later, you will recognize that you are Now and have always been SELF Realized.

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